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Smart Kids Starter – Benefits of Playing Chess


Play chess with kidsA Combination of A Rational Toy And The Ultimate Strategy Game

It’s a whole new approach that can make learning and teaching the game much easier. Combining the beauty and function of geometry to provide for maximum stability, these “smooth movers” have it all.  For kids and beginners, Chessblocks are intutive and by nature give an indication of movements and powers inherent to them and provide instant recognition from each other.  It takes only a few games to completely familiarize with the new shapes. Once these visual cues and associations are realized, they can be used to improve play with beginners immediately.  Experts know that chess is mostly visual; now anyone can teach or learn the game using these simple visual cues. Never before has a design so clearly illustrated the movements and powers of this ancient game.  The low profile geometric design offers an unobstructed view of the board and the shapes fit into any size hand. Extremely stable, they glide over playing surfaces.

Cool Skills Chessblocks in class

Educators the world over have discovered the benefits that come from introducing chess to kids.  Besides being fun, it increases focus and improves math and spatial skills.  For children too young to grasp the game, the blocks are a wonderful way to discover their physical world and create countless structures to represent it. When they are ready to explore chess, they will already have a suitable starter set in hand.

Fun chess building blocksProblem Solved

If kids have trouble sitting still for 5 minutes, perhaps chess is the answer.  It can turn problem students into problem solvers. Chess sparks challenge and motivates them to become willing problem solvers and spend hours quietly immersed in logical thinking. Learning how to tackle problems in one game will most certainly help you in future ones.

With 2 Sets of Chessblocks, 3 In 1 Game – Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon

Checkers and Backgammon

With 3 Sets of Chessblocks, 4 In 1 Game – Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and Connect 4

With the Chessblocks, the pawns (or Gons) replace the standard flat plastic round checker and stack up vertically to form a stable base. The plastic cage to place the checkers is now redundant, with the added benefit of having to be more careful while stacking the pieces with this variation, it is also a balancing game and if you knock over the pieces you also lose the game. Think Jenga-Connect 4.

Games for children

With Connect 4 you need to each have 21 pieces which are placed 7 horizontally and 6 vertically and you take turns until someone gets 4 in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Using the Gons to replace the plastic checkers, now the Gons are really a great substitute for other games like Checkers and Backgammon and they are even more appropriate for Connect 4. If someone wants to have a really great combination of games to play all, that is needed is 3 sets of Chessblocks. With 16 Gons per set, 3 sets are all you need to play these 4 games.















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