Geometric Solution For Chess Evolution

What is Chess?

Chess Modern Variations

Chess Modern Variations

Chess is a two-player board game played on a chessboard, a square checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world’s most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by correspondence, and in tournaments.

Each player begins the game with sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently. Pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent’s pieces, with the object of the game being to ‘checkmate’ the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. In addition to checkmate, the game can be won by the voluntary resignation  of one’s opponent, which typically occurs when too much material is lost, or if checkmate appears unavoidable. A game may also result in a draw in several ways, where neither player wins. The course of the game is divided into three phases: opening, middle game and endgame.

Art, science, sport, bloodless war, a martial art for the mind, or just a role playing game?  Did you know the first book printed in English used Chess as a metaphor to explain our paradoxical universe?  The game is associated with intelligence and reasoning, and has been a popular leisure time activity for over 15 centuries.

Modern Chess Set

What is Chessblocks – The Universal Chess System?

Chessblocks – The Universal Chess Set, a modern and revolutionary geometric design that helps players of any age, language or level to understand the linear movements of chess as double as building blocks The design is free of prejudice, combining the ultimate in simple styling, maximum stability and smooth maneuvering, logic and fun.  The Universal Chess Set is functional art – destined to be the new standard for the future– a must for any collector.  Furthermore, a new style of notation and diagramming is available that works in almost any language.

Why Change The Style?

Chess style comparison

Thousands of themes are used for chess sets, but most are not practical for serious or casual play.  Although attractive or interesting, many tend to tip over and break off delicate parts.  Some sets are either too crowded or the pieces hard to distinguish from one another.  Chessblocks – The Universal Chess Set answers these concerns and more, while giving chess a 21st century style.

Intuitive Chess beginner pieces

Intuitive beginner chess set

To Sum Up Advantages of Chessblocks

Shapes give clear and simple indications of their movements

Serve a dual function as building blocks

Work in any language (universal) and are void of prejudice

Have superior stability and are highly recognizable and distinguished from each

Maneuver very well, are easy to handle and excel for speed chess

The complexity of each piece also gives visual cues as to its numerical and theoretical point value

A new style of notation and diagramming is available that works in almost any language

Geometric Notation For Chess Diagram

Geometric Notation


Easy to draw by everyone, Geometric Notation is a new method to record chess games.  Instead of pictures or letters to represent chess pieces – Geometric symbols are used.  these simple shapes, help in differentiating, recording and studying, the moves of a chess game.

If you already know how to keep track of the moves of a chess game, then you should have no difficult learning “Geotation”.  Essentially, it is the same as other notation methods except the standard shapes and letters have been substituted and a few new ones added.  Switching to simple geometric figures allows for instant recognition and easy drawing by children or experts in any language.

Geotation was developed because of my dissatisfaction with a lack of a universally accepted standard notation system.  I can’t seriously expect for the international chess community to readily adopt this method, considering that some countries still insist on using the outdated “descriptive” notation and old habits, die hard.  Perhaps in the future, the perfect system will be invented, but until then, I offer Geotation free to anyone who can see the simple logic within it.  I invite you to use it, improve it and share your ideas with me.





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